Pod­cast from ARIC-Ambassa­dor Tobi Schlott­ke (OMR) with Prof. Sebas­ti­an Thrun // Goog­le X

Thanks to ARIC Ambassa­dor Tobi Schlott­ke from Online Mar­ke­ting Rock­stars (OMR) and alphalist.CTO for fea­turing ARIC in his gre­at pod­cast with Prof. Sebas­ti­an Thrun at (1:20:00).


#05 with Sebas­ti­an Thrun // Goog­le X

About the car nati­on Ger­ma­ny, AI and soft­ware world, Stan­ford vs. TU-Munich and Udacity.

Tobi: I am thril­led to announ­ce this weeks pod­cast guest: Prof. Sebas­ti­an Thrun
Brief over­view: He is a Stan­ford pro­fes­sor, foun­der of Goog­le X, built the first self dri­ving car, won the Dar­pa-Award for it, star­ted the online-aca­de­my Uda­ci­ty and is now buil­ding auto­no­mous pla­nes at Kit­ty Hawk. Wow.

Can you tell why I high­ly admi­re him and how exci­ted I was when I won him for my podcast?

We tal­ked about the car nati­on in Ger­ma­ny, how com­pe­ti­ti­ve we are in the AI and soft­ware world, Stan­ford vs. TU-Munich, why Sebas­ti­an is stri­ving for a brain-com­pu­ter inter­face, why he has built the lea­ding online uni­ver­si­ty Uda­ci­ty and how to tack­le machi­ne lear­ning as a modern CTO.
He also exp­lains why he even­tual­ly comes up with a Blue­tooth-con­nec­ted Smart-Bra next.


High­ly recom­mend pod­cast. Lis­ten to the pod­cast here:–05-with-sebastian-thrun-google‑x

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